• Hello Folks

    Posted : October 10 2015

    I make a living as an IT trainer working for Webucator. I like what I do, but I also like any number of other things too. That'rs what this site is all about: the other things.

  • From an Otherwise Comfortable Room

    Posted : March 26, 2016

    This is my first novel's fifth edition. The changes are fairly comprehensive and represent a vast improvement to earlier editions. The monologue is a sort of mental big bang. Click here to read the first chapter to get the feel of it. I write poetry and short stories as well. Eventually, I might post some of them too.


  • Review

    This thought provoking book can only be described as a cross between Burrough's Naked Lunch and Alice in Wonderland. Our main character Willie Om Omkowski being the Mad Hatter of a sorts.

    A blend of narrative storytelling and philosophical musings, part verse, part dysfunctional memory, and part hallucinogenic reflection, this is a book for people who like a challenging read and are inclined to non-linear thinking.

    Hilarious, meandering, and twisted,every conjecture is something to ponder and ponder again. This book is exactly what it claims to be: A Creative and Adventurous Literary Journey. A journey that, at one turn, will have the reader perplexed and staring at the ceiling and at another will have the reader either shouting in agreement, shocked and awed, or laughing hysterically.

    Cheryl Anne Gardner