It's All About Me... least on my site.

Short Professional History

2010-Present: Webucator (Syracuse, NY) Trainer for the following: Java, Android, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Assembler, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, XML/XSLT/XSL-FO programming languages, their associated ApIs and frameworks; OOP Design Patterns and OOAD best practices; JBoss, Apache, and Tomcat server administration; Oracle, MySQL, and Derby database administration.
1979-2010: Sak Group (Berkeley Heights, NJ) Founder and president. Specialized in technical publications, computer consulting, and development. Develop training to introduce corporations to technical innovations and support subsequent development.
1975-1979: Bell Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ) Designed and implemented computer based graphics systems. Wrote Varitype Typesetter/B3 Processor interface. Technical liaison between R&D and engineering. Technical writer. Editor for the Bell System Technical Journal.
1970-1975: Consultants and Designers (Chatham, NJ) Technical Illustrations, Printed Circut Board design.
Birth-1970: Bummed around.

The Fun Stuff

I've always liked creative writing and art. I write poems if I can't figure out how to make the thing into an essay, novel, or short story. I did write a novel (From an Otherwise Comfortable Room), and can't seem to stop rewriting it. I struggle with short stories and essays. Short stories require a plot. I hate plots. Essays need to make sense. That's the thing I struggle with the most. But I love writing them all anyway, struggle or not.

I also play around with visual art. I used to do pen-and-inks. I posted a few. Just click on "art." They took me forever to finish. I went back to painting more recently. My objective is to start and complete a painting in a day. I usually paint chairs for some reason. I did a little wood carving, but my Dremel drove my neighbor nuts so I stopped.